Funding Fiat


We accept funding via Royal Mail, recorded delivery (with Royal Mail compensation cover).

Deposit and Withdrawal fees

    Royal Mailcharges are as following:
  • Up to £50 - £1.70
  • Up to £500 - £6.22
  • Up to £1,000 - £7.22
  • Up to £2,500 - £9.22
  • Over £2,500 (up to £10,000) - please see your local Post office.
  1. Go to your accounts Dashboard
  2. Click on Funding Fiat
  3. Put in the correct amount.
  4. SMALLEST DENOMINATION of £5 (you cannot mail coins), the amount you deposit must end in 0 or 5.
  5. And then select the type of deposit from the drop down bar.
  6. Next click - Send email to admin
  7. Check your email and make sure to include the deposit information.
    If you have no printer (or ran out of ink) please make sure you copy the following information onto paper and include it in your mail,
  • Your registered EMAIL
  • The AMOUNT deposited
  • The TIMESTAMP/DATE deposited
  • The REFERENCE on your deposit request
Please address to the company's registered address;
  • IBWT JD Ltd
  • 31 North Down Crescent
  • Keyham, Plymouth
  • Devon, PL2 2AR
  • United Kingdom
  • Please MAKE SURE you read - Best way to send money
  • Then go to - Price finder
  • In Step 3 please make sure you select 'Delivery confirmation required'.
  • Cover ranges from £1.60 to £1.70 (covering up to £50, 2nd and 1st class), to £2,500 (£23.34).
  • Up to £10,000. Please make sure you read Royal Mail guidelines and instructions carefully if depositing any funds, and use RECORDED DELIVERY (by selecting 'delivery confirmation required', as above).
  • You make now either visit your local Post Office (Branch Finder) and ask your friendly post-woman or man to assist you further.
  • or
  • Click Buy & Print (on the Price finder Royal Mail page), and follow the Royal instructions in how to purchase your Royal Mail delivery service and cover.
Postal Orders
  • For Postal Orders please click the following link and follow the instructions carefully.
  • We STRONGLY advise you to pay the appropriate coverage, as we cannot be held liable for loss or damage due to Royal Mail if anything occurs.
  • Royal Mail is a separate entity than IBWT, we STRONGLY advise customers packaging any deposits securely and safely. Always seek a Royal Mail staff if concerned with their services.
  • Please click - Best way to send money
  1. We cannot be held liable for any losses if you did not use recorded delivery and claim you sent us funds.
  2. We video record all opening of deposits for security and liability purposes.
  • IBWT Processes withdrawals in the same method, customers choose their withdrawal method (Mail (hard currency) or postal orders) when making a withdrawal. Withdrawal fees are deducted from customers account.
  • Please make sure you have enough funds in your IBWT account to cover your appropriate withdrawal fee, if you do not your withdrawal will be declined, and you will have to resubmit a withdrawal request of an appropriate value.
Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.

You can fund your IBWT account with bank wire transfers via OKPAY. Please refer to the link above if you do not already have an OKPAY account.

OKPAY transfer takes the standard 5-7 days (due to the traditional fiat banking system), yet once your OKPAY account is credited, you can instantly credit your IBWT account.

All deposits via OKPAY can be conducted via sending funds to [email protected] when you are logged into your OKPAY account.

For OKPAY deposit & withdrawal fees please see -

Withdraw Direct To Your UK Bank


  • Verified UK bank account.

The withdrawal fee for this service is a flat £2.

Direct bank deposits are processed within 24 hours of being received, not counting bank holidays, Sundays, or acts beyond IBWT’s control.

Our hard currency withdrawals is limited by our liquidity, please check when making a withdrawal request that our liquidity is within your request range otherwise your withdrawal may be rejected.

To withdraw hard currency direct to your bank please use the Fiat funding options from either your dashboard or your drop down menu (top right) when logged in. Then change your Withdrawal Method from OKPAY to Bank – Personal.

Put in the amount requested (IBWT will only process GBP for this type of withdrawal at this time), and click Send email to admin for approval.

We will then receive your request and process your withdrawal.